NEW: Revolutionize Your Health®

Everybody knows that health is our most important asset, still many people have only a faint idea of what they need to improve and how to do it - often right up until a dire situation occurs

You’ve might even have experienced this Yourself or with a loved one!

That’s why the Revolutionize Your Health® program was created!!!

As it has been proven time and time again that increasing knowledge on a subject is one of the least effective ways to make changes in any area, even the most important ones, we focus on creating understanding and help You take action on that understanding immediately.

Join us for a sneak peek through the material that we use in Revolutionize Your Health® and discover in less than 40 min how You can effectively and easily not only improve Your own health, yet also help others and have a lot of fun doing it!

wheel of health

The "Wheel of Health provides a model for assessing Your momentary health status and effortlessly find what or which areas to focus on for maximum impact with minimal changes.

Pyramid of priorities

The "Pyramid of Priorities teaches You how to impact the areas of health where You need improvement or optimization in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Expect to learn, not only what impacts Your health, but also to receive actionable steps You can use immediately to create the changes You want to achieve. You will be able to develop:

  1. a crystal clear picture of You current situations
  2. what changes You want to make
  3. How to make these changes

And, after reviewing the material at Your own convenience, You will be invited to work through the program under the guidance of the creator himself, either online over a two week course or live at a weekend workshop!

The best part still - You get to view the complete presentation, multiple times if You like, and use the accompanying workbook completely free of charge!

No strings attached - we just need Your email to send You the material and You also receive our free newsletter, which You of course can cancel at any point, keeping the presentation and worksheet!

Claes Wallenberg, DN (Creator and Founder of Revolutionize Your Health®)

Your Instructor

Claes Wallenberg
Claes Wallenberg

Claes Wallenberg is a Dr. of Naprapathy (Manual Medicine Professional), licensed by the Swedish Board of Health and Welfare, and specialized in Pain Management and Performance Optimization.

An early onset interest in and fascination with human health led Claes on a life long journey in studying the foundations of health and well-being, focusing on natural solutions and maximizing return on the efforts invested.

He´s operating a successful clinic in Stockholm, Sweden, combining treatments with exercise, relaxation and nutrition advice. Through the years, he has built a reputation of delivering fast results for a diversity of clients and is endorsed by a wide variety of people, from office workers to high level athletes. In addition to his clinic work, Claes conducts highly appreciated lectures and workshops for businesses, athletes and educational organizations.

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