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Meditation for Busy People

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Empowered Self Healing :

Meditation for Busy People

You know you have challenges with stress:

  • You’ve noticed it’s starting to affect your health and regardless of what you’ve done so far, you still are feeling body pain and tension that’s starting to become chronic
  • You’ve heard that meditation is good for all sorts of things but are really looking for a way to incorporate it into your life that can specifically help with your challenges - physical, emotional, mental
  • You don’t know where to begin with all the different styles out there or even if you’re doing it right
  • At the end of the day, you just want your life and body to work better, feel better and get results.

Katharina Kolmodin

My name is Katherina Kolmodin and I know how you feel. I spent years trying to get my life working better, my body feeling better. I was under a lot of stress with the job I had and my body started showing it, starting first with daily ‘unexplained’ hives (for 7 years), a multitude of allergies, graduating to debilitating back pain and extreme chronic fatigue. My work suffered, my relationships were strained, which only created even more stress. I was stuck in a cycle I couldn’t get out of and I knew something had to change. It just wasn’t sustainable, and my health was getting worse regardless of what I tried. After a sneeze severely threw my back out for the 4th time and hearing my own screams and tears of pain while my chiropractor tried to adjust me, I prayed desperately for some other solution. I knew there had to be something else, that this couldn’t be it. And there was.


Meditation for busy people

I began to study healing modalities and meditations of different traditions, to understand exactly what creates healing in the body and what the underlying thread was. I looked at amazing cases of healers that could create instantaneous dissolution of symptoms and learning to understand the intricate mind body spirit connection and apply it to my life.

Over the course of my discoveries and experiments, I have not had a case of hives in several years, I have more energy than I ever have had in my life, my relationships are the best they’ve ever been, I instantly realign my back whenever I start feeling challenges and I’m passionate about what I’m doing in the world. Instead of stressed, I feel remarkably blessed.

However long you’ve been secretly struggling, true healing IS possible for you.

Self Healing: Meditation for Busy People is an experiential foundational mini workshop that focuses on the essentials of self healing meditation for you - teaching what you need to begin, to custom tailor your practice to you, in order to be effective and know you are doing it right.

When you are ready, you can move on to Empowered Self Healing: Body Basics and Empowered Self Healing: Your Spirit (available soon)

I’ve taken what I’ve learned since 2001 and created a simple, step by step path to powerfully support your overall health while building up meditation skills that you can integrate into your busy life for any purpose.

Where the challenges of stress can be resolved permanently. Physical challenges can disappear (my hives and constant pain did). You feel more confident in what you are doing, your relationships strengthen and you feel more excited about life as your health improves and opens up space to step into your passions and purpose.

I’ve also added the following BONUSES to give you powerful healing techniques as well as support wherever you may need it :

- Guided Meditation: Heal Your Relationships

- Guided Meditation: Love Your Body

- Facebook Group with Support

- 30 Minute Coaching Session for first 100 to sign up

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Most people would agree that knowing how to manage stress would make a difference right?

When you struggle with stress, your relationships become strained, its harder to solve problems and over time and distance it takes a real toll on your body. You feel it. Your relationships feel it and your work suffers. You know what I’m saying?

Katharina Kolmodin

  • Imagine you are calm, enthusiastic and energized coming home from a demanding job instead of drained, short tempered and scattered

  • Imagine your body rebalancing itself

  • Imagine you have fun in your challenging relationships instead of struggle

  • Imagine decisions become easier as you develop your spiritual connection

Most people would agree that having these reliable tools that could reset your system, support your body, be happier in your life would make a difference, right?

This course isn’t for everyone though. If you think its once and done, it’s not for you. Good Luck in your search for that. Although certain healing benefits can happen that fast, more likely you’ll need consistent effort of habit to integrate it.

I break the lessons down to small bite sized chunks to make it easy for you, but you still have to make the decision that the life and body you desire are worth it. It IS possible.

If you understand that incorporating small changes regularly is what it’ll take, hit the Get Meditation For Busy People and let’s get started now!

Meditation for busy people

Mastering Others is Strength.

Mastering Yourself is True Power.

Lao Tzu

You can do it!!

"I've been attending Katherina's meditations for several years. Each time it's a little different but just as profound. She is able to provide a comfortable and enlightening guided meditation experience. I find that by attending her group meditation I'm able to attain a deeper meditative state that I'm able to attain on my own. I would highly recommend Katherina as a meditation facilitator and teacher."

- Laurie Rodic, Oak Creek, WI

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Your Instructor

Katherina Kolmodin
Katherina Kolmodin

Katherina Kolmodin has been on the healing path since 2001 studying different healing and meditation techniques from Hinduism, Shamanism, Buddhism, Sufism, Christianity. She’s been guiding meditations for the last four years, helping others to develop their spiritual connection and understand their self healing potential. When she started her journey, she was in a place where she felt run down, with unexplainable body pains, daily hives, depressed and unfulfilled in her life. Within her own practices discoveries and experiments, she’s uncovered a fountain of creativity and joy waiting to be expressed. In addition to her inspired art and creative endeavors, she now helps people to reconnect to themselves, reclaim their health, their joy and individual purpose, using tools of meditation and multi-dimensional healing for rediscovery, creativity and stress relief.

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