Effective Problem Solving

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Whether you’re

  • managing the shift parking crew,
  • running a staff of construction workers,
  • cutting hair at a salon,
  • coordinating a PTA project or
  • working as a team member on a manufacturing line or in a legal team’s office,

you’re going to face problems of one sort of another, right?

Taking just a little different perspective and applying a structured method of problem-solving has helped many companies, teams and groups grow far beyond the restricted vision they had for themselves. It can do the same thing for you.

Day BoswellHi, I am Day Boswell and I have spent more than 20 years working in and with organizations large and small, teaching tools like “Effective Problem-Solving” that have helped companies thrive and grow.

I am a consultant with Better Days LLC in the Kansas City area, and I assist clients across the country in understanding and implementing quality and environmental management systems that certify to the ISO international standards and that help companies stabilize and increasingly improve.

You’ll get the same proven techniques in Effective Problem-Solving that the most successful manufacturing and small businesses use today for powerful results.

You’ll learn how to keep emotion and blame from creeping into your problem-solving process, creating obstacles to winning. You’ll learn how to get you and your team mates outside the quick solution tendency that invites problems to return and find solutions that make the problems disappear permanently. You’ll learn how to see the multiple contributors to problems that keep problems alive and how to redirect that energy to successful resolution.

Day Boswell Effective

How about you? Wouldn’t you enjoy the feelings success and less stress can bring? This process can help you, no matter what group you work with. Just click the “Buy PS” button below and get started.

Simple, proven methods can be a big help in making sure your problems aren’t challenges to your growth or aren’t creating issues that keep coming back as obstacles and pain again and again.

Developing the skills and tools to make sure drama, emotion and personal agenda don’t add to the problem can make your efforts more productive, wouldn’t you agree?

After 40 years of coaching organizations of all kinds, I find most people fall into two categories.

There are those who know there’s a better way and they’re eager to learn what works in other places so they can win. Then there are others who play around without a plan or a strategy and fall back on doing what they’ve always done. They usually get the same results they always got before, but they continue the cycle of pain. This course is obviously for the first type, the ones who take their business, their teammates and their customers seriously and want improvement. If you are not one of that group, this course is not for you.

Day Boswell Effective

If on the other hand you are eager to dissolve problems, not just solve them … click on the “Buy PS” button now and learn how to apply the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to your problem-solving, how to include team and customer perspectives so you can prioritize your time and resources on the problem and how to discover the REAL problem, the root cause, of your issue, so you can dig it out permanently.

Once you discover how much better following recommendations and models from successful people can make you and your group, you’ll be ready for more of the same. Effective Problem Solving is one of several tools to help you accomplish that. It is a valuable part of the Corrective Actions portion of the Quality Organization course, also available on Tapas For Life. Help your organization grow and prosper using many more tools like Effective Problem Solving. Click here to find out more.

Make your days better now. Click below for immediate access to Effective Problem-Solving and start making your problems disappear.

Your Instructor

Day Boswell
Day Boswell

Day Boswell is the Principal of Better Days KC, a consulting company that focuses on helping clients achieve ISO certifications and improve their management systems.

She has spent decades of her work life in manufacturing, training, certification coaching and performance improvement consulting for multiple companies

She began her quality journey in the U.S. Coast Guard where she served on active duty for 21 years and learned how to lead teams in excellent operations through process management instead of increased resource usage.

She currently serves as a performance consultant for:

Exide Technologies

Shinn Fu Companies of America

She provides consulting support through Metropolitan Community Colleges in KC and has provided training, auditing, testing and consulting services for:

quality organization

… and others

She has experience in helping companies get certificates and complete auditing in the following standards: ISO13485; ISO14001; ISO9001; ISO22000; ISO18001; TS/IATF16949; ISO17025, FDA standards, and GSA approvals.

Day is passionate about sharing the concepts of the ISO standards with businesses, large and small, and helping them see the simple improvement steps hundreds have taken to launch their companies to the next level.

Since serving as a certified guide for the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, her passion to serve others in truly meaningful ways has grown exponentially. The additional training she got through the MKMMA team, learning to help others find their essential purpose and stop living a life of quiet desperation, has strengthened her drive to share industry knowledge to help improve business performance at every level, no matter what size the organization.

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