It’s so funny (not funny) how much resistance we put against ourselves, even when trying to do something we really want to do. Like starting our own business, or taking better care of ourselves, or even falling in-love and opening ourselves up to someone special.

getting up to speed Keri Miller

If it’s out of our comfort zone, we pump the brakes – “Whoa! This is too much!!” And then, sometimes we down-right slam on those brakes and bring ourselves to a complete stop!

But why?

It’s because we haven’t done the vibrational work yet to get ourselves ready for the next step. We literally “are not up to speed” with our desires yet.

If you have ever seen the autobahn, you might have a visual understanding of what I mean. There is no speed limit on the autobahn and some of those cars are traveling at speeds over 100 miles per hour. Imagine yourself entering that freeway going only 35mph. You’re gonna get ran over!

The energy of fun, joy, bliss, elation – moves fast! And if you’re just getting started, your vibrational energy probably isn’t “up to speed” with your desires, which is why it feels awkward. You are bumping up against the faster moving energy frequencies, just like your car only going 35mph being passed by four lanes of traffic going over 100mph!

It is scary. It’s uncomfortable. You’re freaked out. You may even feel like crying, because you’re getting ran off the road by the faster moving energy. You need to get yourself moving!

So, after you let out the tears, (which is great for releasing pent up energy) you then need to start practicing what you think going 100mph would feel like for you – or practice what feels like to do what you love and run your own highly successful, lucrative, fulfilling, fun business; or practice how miraculous your body will feel when it’s functioning at optimal levels of wellness, or practice how magical and wonderful it will be to fall head-over-heels in-love with your soul mate and how delightful a loving, deeply-connected, passionate, relationship feels like for you.

You set the tone of your life through the vibrations you emit. So, if you are on the lower, slower levels – like fear, sadness, anger, depression, or guilt – you’re going to get lower level responses. Being in these lower frequencies is just a habit, and it’s a habit you can change just by practicing feeling the feelings you want. If you practice the feelings of the highest and best frequencies, you can train yourself into receiving those higher responses.

How do you practice? By meditating on good feelings, or spending time in nature, or playing with your children, or petting your cats or dogs.Another way to practice is to always ask yourself, “Is this the best I can feel?” In every situation you are in, standing in line for coffee – ask yourself “Is this the best I can feel right now?”Sitting in traffic, ask yourself, “Am I feeling the best I can right now?”

Now, when I say “the best I can” that doesn’t mean you are always going to be blissful, but if you’re depressed try to reach for sadness. If you’re angry, try to frustration.You want reach for just a little higher emotional frequency. Every emotion has its own frequency and you want to practice what they feel like for you.

We usually think that “I’ll be happy when…” (I get the money, jobs, cars, houses, etc.) We think we want the “stuff” because they will make us feel better. But really we need to feel better first, and then the experience of the money, jobs, cars, houses, will be more enjoyable.Remember – the results match your emotional frequencies.

You won’t find fulfillment in the “stuff.” Fulfillment, joy, passion, love – these need to come from within you first, and then match up with like vibrations and that will give meaning to the “stuff.”Otherwise, the “stuff” by itself is just meaningless.

Create your life vibrationally first. Practice how you want to feel. Get yourself up to speed with those fun, fast vibrations first – then everything you want will be attracted to you! You are richly blessed.

Do this for yourself

Because you deserve a life full of love, magic and miracles!

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I am so thankful and grateful for you!


Dr. Keri